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Kunafa Shop

Balkan Treats

Middle Eastern Treats

I was lucky enough to be able to sample some of the baked goods from this company. As a French-trained baker, I was unaware of how good these pastries could be. They have the perfect balance of flavors and textures.... perfect as a nibble on their own or with a good cup of coffee, Truly my culinary horizons have been expanded thanks to "Treat Ur Self"!

Richard A.

These desserts are absolutely amazing! They're a perfect bite size treat, but honestly you cannot eat just one!! Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth!

Taylor J.

Delicious treats that my husband and I enjoyed very much.  We never had Middle Eastern desserts before - what a treat! Nice presentation at the Brookdale Park Craft fair today with lovely packaging.

Jean G.

I just tried Treat Ur Self treats for the first time today and they were delicious! The bombica sweets were decadent and sweet and came in the perfect serving size to not over indulge! I also tried the Basbousa (which I've hand many versions of in the past) but the Treat Ur Self version is set apart from all the rest because they are not overly sweet, just the right amount to satisfy that craving. 

Ala R.

Our Story

Treat Ur Self desserts sends you on a sweet adventure across 2 continents.

My family immigrated to the United States from Egypt. Growing up in an Egyptian household, my mother always had homemade traditional meals and desserts ready for us to enjoy.  Everything was always so good, but the desserts; the desserts always got to me. They were always so tasty but portion sizes were too large and too sweet. 

My husband's family immigrated from Montenegro, hence, the Balkan treats. When we first married, we visited many family members homes.  And of course, you cannot leave the house without being treated to a cup of coffee and dessert.  I fell in love with simple, yet sweet taste of each dessert.

Alas, Treat Ur Self was born. I used my mother's traditional Middle Eastern dessert recipes and my husband's family traditional Balkan recipes and made them into bite size for one to enjoy.